CHỦ ĐỀ: Natural resources are increasingly exploited. Causes and solutions?


The accelerating rate of natural resources consumption has been a major topic of concern in recent years. As some factors are likely to trigger this alarming trend, a number of drastic measures can be employed to slow down the pace.

Perhaps it is the key role of natural resources in boosting economic growth and the heavy reliance on natural resources that accompany each other to create this dire situation. Today, precious commodities from nature such as gas, oil and coal still remain crucial to the operation of a country as transport and industries would grind to a halt without the energy and fuel generated from these resources. In emerging economies which are striving to rise, the demands for resources are certainly on the increase. The dependence on natural resources is also to blame as it is easier to exploit them from nature than developing and converting to sustainable alternatives such as wind and solar energy, which requires many years and great determination to produce changes on a large scale.

In order to alleviate the existing problem, there are some feasible solutions. One step to be mentioned is that the authority should impose higher taxes on the use of natural resources to deter further consumption. On the other hand, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power can be developed to substitute fossil fuels in transport and manufacture. Lastly, governmental campaigns need to be launched to make individuals acknowledge the risks of overusing natural resources through the mass media.

In conclusion, the overuse of the world’s resources may result in severe consequences, threatening the environment and many people’s life, and strong measures must be implemented to tackle this situation.

(279 words – Bao Nguyen)


The overconsumption of natural resources has evolved as a major topic of concern in recent years. This alarming trend is caused by a few factors, and it must be addressed by a number of definite actions.

The increasingly high level of exploitation of natural resources could be ascribed to a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is the tremendous demand for resources in developing countries, such as China and Brazil. The citizens of these countries are becoming increasingly wealthy, and they may now afford a living standard that is associated with a higher level of resource consumption. A clear example of this is the widespread use of cars among tens of millions of middle-income Chinese nationals, which may have contributed substantially to the burning of oil on a global scale. Besides, the over-dependence on natural resources, such as fossil fuels, is another significant reason to consider. In Vietnam, for example, the majority of electricity is generated in thermal power stations, in which a vast amount of coal is the burnt on a daily basis.

Some measures can be taken to mitigate the problem of over-consuming Earth’s resources. The most practical measure at the moment is to reduce the demand for resources in developing countries. This can be done by mass-producing energy-efficient products, such as hybrid cars, and selling these items at a low price to citizens of these nations. If such a measure is implemented, these people may still benefit from the modern living standard without over-consuming natural resources. Besides, the most sustainable solution is to lower the reliance on natural resources by taking advantage of alternative sources. For instance, wind and tidal power in the Netherlands, nuclear power in Japan and solar power in the United States have all proven their efficiency in energy production. These forms of energy should be used in other parts of the world as well, to minimise the global dependence on fossil fuels.

All the existing data provides a concrete foundation that the overexploitation of natural resources derives from the strong demand in developing countries and the over-reliance on these types of resources. Strong measures, such as reducing the aforementioned demand and making use of alternative energy sources, must be implemented to tackle this situation.

372 word, written by Tu Pham, Head teacher at IPP IELTS

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